Festival 2022

 The festival is running through June this year

Here are the dates and locations. Do come along to see some great performances. 

Organ             Wednesday 25th May – Holy Trinity Church, 9 Beauchamp Ave, CV32 5RE
Wind & Brass  Friday 10th June – Holy Trinity Church, 9 Beauchamp Ave,  CV32 5RE
                       Sunday 12th June – Holy Trinity Church, 9 Beauchamp Ave,  CV32 5RE
Junior Vocal    Saturday 11th June - Dale Street Church Hall, Dale St,  CV32 5HL
Adult Vocal     Saturday 11th June - Dale Street Church Hall, Dale St,  CV32 5HL
                       Saturday 18th June - Dale Street Church Hall, Dale St,  CV32 5HL
                       Sunday 19th June – Aspire Studios, 29 Waterloo Place, CV32 5LA
Speech & Drama    Saturday 11th June – Motionhouse Studio, Spencer Yard, CV31 3SY
Pianoforte    Sunday 12th June -   Warwick School Music Department, Myton Rd, CV34 6PP
Strings        Saturday 18th June - Warwick School Music Department, Myton Rd, CV34 6PP
                  Sunday 19th June -    Warwick School Music Department, Myton Rd, CV34 6PP
Classical Guitar Saturday 26th June – Warwick School Music Department, Myton Rd, CV34 6PP
Harp               Sunday 26th June -   Sydni Centre, Cottage Square, Sydenham, CV31 1PT



We are delighted to announce that, as part of the launch of two new syllabuses, ABRSM are generously sponsoring four classes in each of the Piano and Vocal sections. The prizes will all be in the form of vouchers for the Presto music shop in Leamington Spa.

In the Piano section the winners of Class 122 (The Paul Baker Trophy), Class 123 (The Mary Bullock Trophy) and Class 124 (The Grace Baker Shield) will each receive a £30 voucher. The winner of Class 150 (The Kingsley Cup) will receive a £50 voucher.

In the Vocal section the winners of Classes 7 (12 years and under Sale Cup), 8 (15 years and under Percy B Ries Cup) and 9 (18 years and under Ladies Auxiliary Rose Bowl) will each receive a £30 voucher. A £50 voucher will be awarded to the winner of the Gaynor Keble Award for the best performance.

We are very grateful for the ABRSM’s generosity and look forward to a high standard of competition for these awards.


A very warm welcome to you all. It is great to feel that, after two very sparse years, we are now able to run a full festival in 2022.


We have a very comprehensive syllabus for 2022. Please do study it carefully and enter as many sections as you would like. Yes, it is a competitive festival, but it is also meant to be somewhere for listening to others perform, learning from them and the adjudicators but above all it is to be enjoyed. We look forward to seeing you all – familiar faces from previous years and new faces which will become familiar. I urge you to get your entries in as soon as possible, be you young or not so young any more!

Sadly the Schools section is not running this year as we don't have a secretary to run this section. If you or anyone you know is able to help in running this section in future years please contact our Chair on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We also need a secretary for our Piano section so again please contact Laurie if you can help


We are very grateful to Warwick School who will be hosting three sections this year – guitar, piano and strings. Their facilities are excellent. Entry to the piano, strings and guitar classes is free of charge this year to pupils of the Warwick School and Kings High.

The committee puts in a great deal of work to make this happen and I am very aware of just how much work. I am very grateful for all their efforts. We would love to have more help: if there is anyone who would like to look into running the schools section, please get in touch. We would also love to welcome anybody who can assist with preparing the syllabus and the programme. Don’t be shy!


The Leamington Spa Competitive Festival is a competitive Festival. The aims of the Festival are to help to promote and encourage the study and practice of the Arts of Music, Dance, and Speech and Drama in all their branches.

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