Most Promising Harpist (Concert Harp)  

Aoife Miralles


Most Promising Ensemble Harps Galore Shield  

Heidi Green and Rowena Jones


Most Promising Harpist (Lever harp) Pilgrim Cup £25.00 voucher

Brendan Miralles


Class 312 Recital 14 years and under Elsa Gibbs Memorial Prize £70.00

Gracie Sheppard


Class 311 Recital 11 years and under Accordions of Coventry Prize £50.00

Bethany Caswell


Class 313 Recital 16 years and under Clive Morley Prize £90.00 voucher

  1. Aoife Miralles

  2. Freya Brylka Mee

Class 316 Harp Duet Harpz Cup

Aoife and Brendan Miralles

Heidi Green and Rowena Jones



Class 317 Harp Ensemble Marie Goossens Memorial Cup

1. Francesca Newey, Eleanor Marshall, Gracie Sheppard

2. Harpers Bizarre


Class 315 Harp Composition Young Composers Prize £30.00

Ruth Lee


Class 301 Beginners Charnock Cup

Lucy Bishop


Class 302 Grade 1 Clive Morley Prize £10.00 voucher

Harriet Coleman


Class 303 Grade 2 Clive Morley Prize £10.00 voucher

Rowena Jones


Class 304 Grade 3 Clive Morley Prize £10.00 voucher

Brendan Miralles


Class 305 Grade 4 Clive Morley Prize £10.00 voucher

Heidi Green


Class 306 Grade 5 Clive Morley prize £20.00 voucher

Bethany Caswell


Class 307 Grade 6 Clive Morley Voucher £20.00

Kelsey Musekiwa


Class 308 Grade 7-8 Clive Morley Prize £30.00 voucher

Aoife Miralles


Class 317 One harp & one other instrument Phoenix Duo Trophy

Aoife and Una Miralles


Class 319 Harp Study Holywell Music Prize £50.00 voucher

Oliver Cope

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