The Mozart and Haydn Cup

James Heathcote

The Arthur Alexander Trophy

Naomi Bazlov

The Prelude and Fugue Cup

Richard Abel

The Theodore Dodds Memorial Cup

Jia Jie Huang & Naomi Bazlov

The Sutton Cup

Rebecca Bazlov

The Marion Cup

Ellie Aitchison

The Minnie Freeman Memorial Cup

Naomi Bazlov

The Ethel May Trophy

Chloe Chung

The Gladys Hopkins Trophy

Sam Tiller

The Elsie Morris Memorial Trophy

Ted Chu

The Costin Memorial Challenge Cup

Dharmaraja Muthalagappan

The Sabin Memorial Cup

Phoebe Cooper

The Henri Shawe Trophy

Anu Regmi

The Vienna Trophy

Yichen Pan

The Tailby Shield

Rebecca Bazlov

The Orpheus Challenge Cup

James Druce

The Sir Edward German Centenary Trophy

Ameera Hashmi

The Frederick Lydiate Memorial Trophy

Dharmaraja Muthalagappan & Rebecca Bazlov

The John Edgington Memorial Shield

Richard Abel

The Mary Bullock Trophy

James Heathcote

The Grace Baker Shield

Gerald Haigh

The Paul Baker Trophy

Naomi Bazlov

The Sally Anscomb Trophy

Olivia Wilson

The Annette Ball Trophy

Olivia Wilson

The Lily May Malpass Trophy

Alison Lowe

The Fiona Ritchie Trophy

Alan Burbidge

The Marina Kuznetsova Trophy 16 Years And Under

Ameera Hashmi

The Marina Kuznetsova Trophy Adult Over 21

Andy Gattner

The Lamar Crowson Trophy

Anu Regmi & Sally Anscomb

The Kitty Jarvis Memorial Trophy

Olivia WIlson & Annette Ball

The Ladies' Auxiliary RoseBowl

Matthew Pandya & Man McLeod

The Aston Challenge Cup (Senior)

Pete Jarvis & Karen Nicholson

The Susan Olden Cup

Naomi Bazlov (Piano) & Ivy Lau (Violin)

The Walter Warren Cup

James Heathcote & Daniel Heathcote 

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