Leamington Male Voice Choir Cup

Georgie Green

The Mrs M Thompson Cup

Jessica Jaques Nuneaton

The Bradford Cup

James Fellows

The Hayle Cup

Esme Down

The Styles Cup

Jaya Prabhakar

The Sale Cup

Isabella Jones

The Percy B Ries Cup

Anya Prabhakar

The Ladies Auxiliary Rose Bowl

Alexandra Beason

The Linden Cup

Alexander Beason and Jaya Prabhakar

The Rantzen Award to Young Singers

James Fellows

The Ida Gould Cup

Amy van Walsum

The “Wyken” Rose Bowl

Vicky Holding

The Brian Cook Memorial Trophy

Anitra Louisa Hall

The Adult Novice Solo M Moore Cup

Christopher Pettit

The John Wynne Porter Trophy

Grace Watkins

The Lieder Victor Roger Cup and Ernest Lemberger Prize

Rebecca Schneider

The Brockbank Salver

Ruth Bertram

The Enid Barley Cup and Jane Rigby prize

Annie George

The Gregson Cup

Robert Cooper

The E Burton Cup and Janne Kent Prize

Annie George

The Bennett Cup

Sam Marston

The Lake City Cup

Vicky Holding

The Cynthia Morey Cup

Eleanor Grant

The Stuart Smith Trophy

Eleanor Grant

The John Farndon Cup

Annie George and Amy van Walsum

The Elizabeth Moore Memorial Cup

Amy van Walsum

The AD & FE Hanson Shield

New Day a cappella

The Courier Cup Song Trophy

Rebecca Schneider

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