1. The competitions are limited to non-professionals, except where otherwise stated. For this purpose professionals are deemed to be those who receive their main income from that branch of the Arts for which they are proposing to enter.
  2. In all Solo Classes, competitors must state their name in full on the Entry Form. No entry is permissible under an assumed name.
  3. The closing date for entries is 31st March in the year of the Festival
  4. The Committee reserves the right to cancel or combine classes, refuse any entry and to decide any matter not provided for in the rules. Under no circumstances is the Committee obliged to refund fees.
  5. All age-limit classes Competitors must be within the prescribed limit on the first day of May in the year of the Festival. The signature to the declaration at the foot of the entry form will be accepted as a guarantee in this respect. In duet and duologue classes, competitors should enter in the class appropriate to the older partner. The Committee reserves the right to request production of Birth Certificates.
  6. Own choice, which under no circumstances can be changed, must be stated upon entry. Failure to do so will invalidate the Entry Form. A copy of own choice must be handed to the adjudicator's steward before the commencement of the class. Competitors may not choose as Own Choice any test piece appearing in this year's Festival syllabus. No Own Choice may be used in more than one class, or in any class in the succeeding year by the same competitor.
  7. Time limits must be strictly observed. Competitors exceeding the time limit may, at the Adjudicator's discretion, have marks deducted or may be stopped and their performance judged to the point they have reached.
  8. The Adjudicator's decision is final and in no circumstances will any subsequent correspondence or discussion be permitted.
  9. A minimum standard of Commended (84-86 marks) is necessary for the award of a Prize or Trophy. First and Second Prizes will be Certificates, unless otherwise stated. No prize or certificate will be awarded unless a satisfactory standard is reached. Winners of Trophies will hold them for one year. They will be responsible for their care and safe custody and for their return to the Section Organiser before 1st May of the year following the Festival.
  10. Photography, filming, video or tape recording is prohibited during any performance.

The Music Publishers Association’s Code of Practice makes the concession that own choice pieces may be copied from volumes only and for the use of the adjudicator only.  The copying of music for the accompanist is forbidden.  Photocopies for the adjudicator must be totally legible.  With the exception of the above concession no other photocopying of music is permitted.  Single sheet music must not be photocopied – originals only to be sent for the accompanist and a second original to be brought for the adjudicator.  All photocopies of music will be retained by the Festival and destroyed.

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