The rules written here are soley for this section, in addition to the general rules. Please read the section rules for all sections that you are entering. All rules and regulations are stated in full in the printed syllabus, which will be available online at a later date. If there is any discrepancy between the two, the printed copy should be taken as being correct.

  1. Grade Classes: Pieces are to be chosen from the current examination syllabus from either the Associated Board, Trinity Guildhall or the London College of Music, and must be stated in full on the Entry Form. Competitors must enter the class most appropriate to their grade, ie they should be able to play to that standard but not yet have passed a grade higher that than specified.
  2. Competitors requiring an accompanist are welcome to use our Official Accompanist, free of charge. Application must be made on the entry form. Music for the Official Accompanist must be sent at least three weeks before the date of the performance. Please see this note from the General Rules section about the use of photocopies. Having engaged the Official Accompanist, the competitor is obliged to use this service for the particular class. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  3. Competitors are responsible for collecting mark sheets, certificates and music at the end of each class. Photocopies of music will be retained and destroyed.
  4. No repeats are required in performance, except D.S. or D.C.
  5. Tuning of instruments:A maximum of 2 minutes is allowed.

Your attention is drawn to Rule 6 of the General Rules of the Festival:

  1. Own choice, which under no circumstances can be changed, must be stated on the Entry Form. Failure to do so will invalidate the Entry Form. A copy of own choice must be handed to the adjudicator's steward before the commencement of the class. Competitors may not choose as Own Choice any test piece appearing in this year's Festival syllabus. No Own Choice may be used in more than one class, or in any class in the succeeding year, by the same competitor.

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