The rules written here are soley for this section, in addition to the general rules. Please read the section rules for all sections that you are entering. All rules and regulations are stated in full in the printed syllabus, which will be available online at a later date. If there is any discrepancy between the two, the printed copy should be taken as being correct.

  1. No repeats are required in performance, except D.S. or D.C.
  2. Tuning of instruments: A maximum of 2 minutes is allowed.
  3. In classes for choirs, the conductor is not considered to be a member of the choir – the conductor may act as accompanist but may not sing with the choir.
  4. The Festival reserves the right to limit the number of entries in a class. Entries will be considered in the order of receipt.
  5. An official accompanist will not be available.

Please also carefully read this note from the General Rules section regarding the photocopying of music.

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