The rules written here are soley for this section, in addition to the general rules. Please read the section rules for all sections that you are entering. All rules and regulations are stated in full in the printed syllabus, which will be available online at a later date. If there is any discrepancy between the two, the printed copy should be taken as being correct.

  1. Official entry forms may be obtained from and must be returned to the Section Secretary by 15th March 2012. The entry form contained in the general Festival Syllabus may not be used for this Section
  2. All entries must be accompanied by a cheque for the full fee. One cheque per school should be made payable to "Leamington Spa Competitive Festival". No post-dated cheques will be accepted.
  3. Entries are taken on a first come first served basis and no entries will be accepted after the closing date. Once the entry reaches capacity, the organisers reserve the right to close the entry.
  4. Stage includes modern, lyrical, tap, and song & dance. Classical includes ballet, national, character, contemporary and Greek. Please note that we no longer offer a Novice section.
  5. Age Groups: (All ages are taken as at 1st January 2012
    Baby 6 years & under Class C 11 + 12 years Junior 9 yrs & under
    Class A 7 + 8 yrs Class D 13 + 14 yrs Inter 12 yrs & under
    Class B 9 + 10 yrs Class E 15 yrs & over Senior 13 yrs & over
  6. A draft timetable giving times of classes and number of entrants will be sent to every school as soon as possible. Please enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope or email address for this. Due to limited accommodation it will be necessary for schools to share dressing rooms.
  7. Competitors may not dance more than twice in Duets or Trios. Please note that this must be with different partners. The same people are not allowed to dance together more than once, and only twotroupes per school in any one section. The Championship class, sponsored by The Miller Foundation, will be a selection of 15 solo dances chosen by the adjudicator.
  8. No competitor will be allowed to dance out of section.
  9. Teachers using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they should seek copyright permission themselves as the Festival cannot take responsibility for this.
  10. If pre-recorded music is used in any Song and Dance section it must not include any singing or chanting. Pre-recorded music in the tap section must not include any recorded tap or similar sound effects.
  11. The time limits for dances must not be exceeded. Times will be checked from the first note or word of the accompaniment or first movement of the dance up to the dancer's last movement at completion of the dance. An extra ½ minute can be added to the following for all character and song & dance solo sections.
    Baby, A&B Solos 1½ mins Duets without song 2½ min Trios 3 mins
    C - E solos 2 mins Duets with song 3 mins Groups 5 mins
  12. The stage and wings are out of bounds to all except authorised persons and competitors about to perform. Authorised persons include one assistant from each school who may accompany competitors for the sole purpose of wardrobe or properties. As we will be using a tap mat, all shoes will be checked for any loose screws etc. before the performance, we reserve the right to refuse a competitor access to the stage.
  13. A  CD and MiniDisc system will be provided and music played. All music must be cued and ready to play at the front desk 30 mins before the section starts. Please note their will be no cassette player.
  14. Sections:

    Solo: Tap Modern National
      Song and Dance Ballet Greek
      Character Contemporary (D & E only)

    Duets/Trios/Quartets: Classical (Ballet and Character) Stage Song and Dance National
      Stage Modern/Tap (one section) Greek

    Groups: Classical (Junior, Inter & Senior) Stage (Junior, Inter and Senior)

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